The real estate market and the tourist market have economic previsions at the antipodes, OFFERING A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY IN ITS KIND; great experience, seriousness and respect for all the parts involved are therefore required. We know it well!

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In all the countries of the European Community there is a single "reverse" economic trand between the real estate and the tourist world; the real estate market is going down, the tourist market is on the rise. The economic result of our business is produced by the gap between these two items, where the tourist market, thanks to its continuous growth even in the future, also serves as a guarantee for any slowdown in the downturn in the real estate market.

Intercepting the buildings suited to our operations has become one of our jobs, but this is none other than the beginning of our complex machine, capable of producing tourist profitability starting even from semi-abandoned or completely abandoned buildings.

Often they are buildings that, if not converted, are destined for disuse, losing pieces of history of each country.

In addition to doing business, our conscience imposes historical preservation and preservation of property, reinvigorating and revitalizing those buildings that contain years of history, but also more recent properties, perhaps stumbled upon in cryptic situations, with generational changes or simply where the need on the part of the property has changed.

The knowledge of our Team has as its first objective the offer the highest quality of our services to all the actors involved: not by chance, we are entrusted also properties with constraints of the conventions of the fine arts and the UN, knowing perfectly how to operate even in these cases. It is not by chance that our solutions offered to the hotel reservation market have always had an extremely high appreciation from the overnight guests, who with their reviews are called to express an opinion on the services offered.

The cycle of our work is complex, and closes with the offer of hotel reservations for solutions unique in their kind, in full respect of each individual Guest. For this reason we have chosen as our partners exclusively the leaders of the hotel reservation market, such as, Expedia and AirBnB.

Our work requires us seriousness, availability and professionalism.

Our conscience is not made up of business alone, but requires respect for history and property.